What are the types of endogenic processes?

This energy due to geothermal gradients and heat flow from within induces diastrophism and volcanism in the lithosphere. 

  • Diastrophism: All processes that move, elevate or build up portions of the earth’s crust come under diastrophism. They include: 
    • Orogenic processes involving mountain building through severe folding and affecting long and narrow belts of the earth’s crust; 
    • Epeirogenic processes involving uplift or warping of large parts of the earth’s crust; 
    • Earthquakes involving local relatively minor movements; 
    • Plate tectonics involving horizontal movements of crustal plates.
  • Volcanism: Volcanism includes the movement of molten rock (magma) onto or toward the earth’s surface and also the formation of many intrusive and extrusive volcanic landforms.

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