Plastic Awareness Essay

Plastic Awareness Essay


We know that plastic is a huge part of our lives. Carrying a plastic bag for shopping and drinking from a plastic bottle is quite common in our society. And we throw them carelessly once we are done using them. Children will follow their elders, and without being aware of the consequences, they contribute to a heavy pile of plastic garbage, which takes hundreds of years to decompose. So, it is vital that we teach them about plastic pollution through this plastic awareness essay.

Aren’t kids fond of chocolates? We can begin their journey of awareness through this short essay on plastic awareness with this example. These chocolate wrappers are mostly made of plastic, and the more they buy them, the more they will be adding to the pollution. By explaining to them that a single candy wrapper can take decades to completely break down, we will be a step closer to making them understand the seriousness of the issue.

Importance of Plastic Awareness

Our children are to live on this planet for many years to come, and they will be the ones who will be suffering from the damage that we do to the environment by using plastic. This is why this plastic awareness essay is aimed at children to bring their attention to the causes and effects of plastic pollution and how it would make their lives miserable to live.

A look around the house will tell how much plastic we consume daily. Children are not aware that plastic affects their health, and because of this, they fail to look for ways to reduce its usage. It is said that carrying hot food in plastic containers is dangerous to health, and plastics can cause several health disorders as well. Hence, it is extremely important that we teach children what plastic can do to our environment and health. This short essay on plastic awareness will enable our children to make conscious efforts to protect our planet.

Ways to Raise Plastic Awareness

If we start teaching early about the effects of plastic to children, they will be better informed and will take necessary actions to prevent its usage. The plastic awareness essay will now focus on this aspect. While kids demand to buy craft materials for them, you can persuade them to reuse plastic covers or bottles instead. For example, kids can try making beautiful flowers from plastic bags instead of buying craft papers or cardboard.

Apart from this, we can also give them a simple activity to sort things at home based on the material used in their making and the property of biodegradability. This will make them realise how much we are dependent on plastic and thereby look for ways to limit its use. Thus, we can enhance their creativity as well as make them conscientious about plastic usage through this short essay on plastic awareness. You can find more informative and engaging essays for kids on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Awareness Essay


Is it important to create plastic awareness in children?

Yes, it is necessary to educate children about the excessive use of plastic and its consequences so that they will be empowered to take a stand against plastic pollution.


What is the significance of the plastic awareness essay?

The essay on plastic awareness will be helpful for children to understand the problems of plastic pollution and how it would affect both living beings and the environment. This will inspire them to consciously reduce plastic usage and thus save the environment.


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