Plastic Waste Management Essay


Take a look around, and do you find anything that is not made from plastic? The pen with which you write, water bottle, mobile phone covers, everything and anything that is near you is made up of plastic. In this age, plastic has become an unavoidable part of our lives, but we need to switch to eco-friendly materials. Have you thought about how plastic waste is treated? What will you do with your used refill of the pen, or where do all the plastic covers end up? The essay on plastic waste management will give you answers to these questions. You can check out other trivia questions on BYJU’S website and make kids’ learning interesting.

Although the answers are disturbing, as they mostly turn up in landfills without decomposing or get burned down by emitting poisonous chemicals in the air, we can tackle this issue if we follow certain measures. Plastic pollution is becoming a grave concern, and that is why we need proper ways for plastic waste management.

Causes and Effects of Plastic Waste

Let us understand the impact of plastic waste on the environment through this plastic waste management essay in English. But first, let us see how plastic waste gets accumulates in our surroundings. It is considered that human negligence is the main culprit behind the cause of plastic waste. We carelessly throw plastic litter around, and they remain abandoned, thus polluting water and land resources. Even after years, they will not decompose and find their way into aquatic life, thereby threatening their lives. We must treat plastic waste differently from other garbage, and this highlights the importance of proper plastic waste management.

Plastic waste has serious effects on both the environment and living beings. If we just throw plastics around, it will act as a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects and cause us acute diseases. As plastic waste does not degrade completely, they remain on the land for many years, which affects soil fertility. There is also a high chance of clogging drains and pipes when the plastic enters the drainage system. Besides, when small plastic covers and sachets are disposed of, they get eaten by animals and fishes, thus threatening their lives. Therefore, plastic waste is a grave threat to everything in the environment at all levels.

Ways for Plastic Waste Management

The best way for plastic waste management is through the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. We can understand this further in BYJU’S essay on plastic waste management. We must reduce the use of plastic by carrying a cloth bag or paper bag while shopping and refusing to accept plastic bags from shops. We can also replace plastic containers with metal/wooden boxes to store goods and clothes. If you buy a bottled drink from a supermarket, remember not to throw away the plastic bottle after use, but instead, reuse it to store water or create something unique. In addition, we can recycle plastic and try to use recycled products. Apart from these, let us make a vow not to burn or dump plastics, as plastic waste management will only be complete with these measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Waste Management Essay


What is meant by plastic waste management?

Plastic waste is a rising problem in the environment that pollutes air, water and land. There must be proper and effective methods to treat plastic waste, and this is known as plastic waste management.


How to reduce plastic waste?

Reducing, reusing and recycling plastic is the most sustainable way to reduce plastic waste. In doing so, the amount of plastic waste will decrease gradually, and thus we can save our environment.


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