Summer Season Essay

Do you fancy going to those days when you had a two-month summer vacation and visited places and people? Or your favourite leisure activity, climbing up trees to pluck and eat ripe mangoes? Did you spend hours lying on cool waters and enjoying beating the heat with refreshing juices? Through this summer season essay, children can write about summer is my favourite season, as they get to relax and have unlimited fun.

Children always eagerly await for the exams to get over so that they can enjoy the summer to the fullest. Here are some paragraphs about the summer season that will help your children to write the summer season essay in English.

Features of Summer Season

Among the four temperate seasons of the year, summer is the hottest season. The summer season usually runs between March and June in India, where the days are considered to be the longer and nights shorter. The weather is hot, humid and dry during this season, and temperature can rise extremely high in certain places, as the Earth tilts itself towards the Sun.

As the Sun shines brightly in summer, this season is suitable for farmers to prepare for cultivation, and we get many seasonal fruits and vegetables. Let us see what sets the summer season apart from other seasons in this summer season essay.

Activities during Summer Season

The summer season is best enjoyed by children, as it is the time when they become free from academic activities and have days of endless play and mischief. Besides, summer is meant for travelling and children go with their families to some cool places or beaches to avoid the heat of the summer.

Children and elders mostly spend their time indoors during the summer, and they engage in various activities and games to keep them entertained. It is also the best season to teach swimming and other water sports to children so that their minds and bodies remain fresh in the hot weather.

In addition to these activities, children tend to eat ice cream and drink juices and smoothies, to keep themselves cool and hydrated. Mango is in abundance during this season, and we can see children on either the top of the mango tree, or standing beneath it to pluck and collect juicy mangoes. We also get other fruits like watermelon, guava, lychee, and jackfruit.

Even though summer is the hottest season, most of us might try to enjoy the season to a great extent. Not only children but elders also find time to relax and rejuvenate themselves in the hot weather. With the Sun shining brightly over us, everything will seem perfect and happy. The summer season essay in English will thus be helpful for kids to plan their vacation and write about their experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Season Essay


How to keep ourselves fresh in the summer season?

As the summer season is usually hot and dry, it is advised to drink plenty of water daily. We must also consume cool juices, shakes and ice creams so that we will feel hydrated and refreshed. We must also wear comfortable clothes made of cotton to beat the heat of the summer.


What are the problems associated with the summer season?

Due to the arid climate of the summer season, there is a chance of facing scarcity of water. All the water bodies like ponds and rivers may dry up, and the water level in wells will go way down. While this would harm aquatic life, people are also highly likely to get sunburns and strokes due to exposure to sunlight for a long time. Other health problems like dehydration and diarrhoea are also seen in people.