Methane Formula

Methane formula is one of the simplest formulas in organic chemistry. The structural and chemical formula for methane is given and explained below. Methane is the main constituent of natural gas and is also known as “marsh gas” or “methyl hydride”. Learn more about methane along with its properties, structure, and uses in detail from the linked article.

Methane Chemical Formula

Methane is the simplest alkane and has a carbon atom and 4 hydrogen atoms. Thus, the chemical formula of methane is given by-

Chemical Formula for Methane: CH4

Methane Structural Formula

Methane is a simple organic compound with a molecular weight of 16.043 g/mol. Its molecule has a tetrahedral structure with 4 hydrogen atoms bound t 1 carbon atom. The structure of methane is represented as-

Methane Chemical Formula

Methane is a flammable and colorless non-toxic gas which naturally occurs in nature. It is heavier than air and is mainly used in domestic ovens, industrial turbines, rocket fuel, gas cookers, fertilizer, fuel alternative in automobiles, water heater, etc.

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