Regular Square Pyramid Formula

A regular pyramid is called so because this type of pyramid has a square base. A regular square has 4 triangular faces, 1 square base, 5 vertices and 8 edges.

SQUARE PYRAMID FORMULAThe two major formulas for regular square pyramid are:

\[\large Volume=\frac{1}{3}\, b^{2}h\]

\[\large Surface\;Area=2\,b\,s+b^{2}\]

Solved example

Question: Find the volume of a regular square pyramid of base length 6 cm and length 8 cm?


From the volume formula: \(Volume=\frac{1}{3}\, b^{2}h\)

$Volume=\frac{1}{3}\times 6^{2}\times 8$

$Volume = 760.32\; cm^{3}$

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