Volume of a Rectangular Prism Formula

A Prism that has 2 parallel rectangular bases and 4 rectangular faces is a Rectangular Prism. The mathematical literature suggests to any polyhedron like this as a Cuboid. It has a 6 flat rectangular faces and all the angles are right angled. The other names of such Rectangular Prism are Rectangular hexahedron, rectangular parallelepiped and right rectangular prism. 

Rectangular PrismThe Volume of a Rectangular Prism Formula is,

\[\large Volume\;of\;a\;Rectangular\;Prism=lbh\]

b – base length of the rectangular prism.
l – base width of the rectangular prism.
h – height of the rectangular prism.

Volume of a Rectangular Prism Problems

Question: Given the base length, base width and height of the rectangular prism as 5 cm, 8 cm and 16 cm respectively. Find the volume of the rectangular prism?


b = 5 cm
l = 8 cm
h = 16 cm

Using the volume of a rectangular prism formula




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