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One of the most discussed types of nouns is the common nouns. After clearing what nouns are and how to identify them, the two main types of nouns, i.e. common and proper nouns, are to be taught to children. It is important for children to understand what common nouns are and how to identify them. As these concepts create the base of grammar, it is essential that children have a clear understanding of them. BYJU’S offers many common noun worksheets which both children and their parents can access and easily download for future practice.

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What is a Common Noun?

The first question that many parents encounter when they are going to teach their children about common nouns is what does a common noun mean. In simple terms, common nouns are generic/general names given to persons, animals/birds, things and places. For example, “the ice cream is in the refrigerator”. In this sentence, ice cream and refrigerator (names of things) are examples of common nouns. As parents, you can easily download the common nouns worksheet PDF from our BYJU’S website.

Types of Common Noun

Common nouns can be subcategorised into five different nouns. If the children are aware of the sub-categorisation, it will help in higher classes where these will be included in the syllabus.

  • Countable Nouns – Nouns that can be counted (i.e. limited in nature) are known as countable nouns. Examples – fingers, dogs, pencils, books, copies etc.
  • Uncountable Nouns – Nouns that can’t be counted (i.e. limitless in nature) are known as uncountable nouns. Examples – stars, sand, sugar, honey, happiness etc.
  • Collective nouns – Nouns that represent or denote a group or a unit of people, animals/birds, things, places. Examples – flock, swarm, school, jury etc.
  • Concrete nouns – Nouns that can be touched, felt and seen are known as concrete nouns. Examples – toy, car, land, pencil.
  • Abstract nouns – Nouns that cannot be touched or seen but are present and can be felt are known as abstract nouns. Examples – happiness, joy, love etc.

How to Recognize Common Nouns

The easiest way to recognize a common noun is if it doesn’t have a specific name attached to it. Like, “I saw a Royal Bengal Tiger in the zoo”. In this sentence, since the type or the particular name of the tiger is mentioned, so Royal Bengal Tiger will be a proper noun. But if it were written “I saw a tiger in the zoo.” then it would be a common noun since the tiger is a kind of animal, i.e. generic name.  For more Kids Learning activities, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Common Nouns Worksheet


What is a common noun?

Common nouns are generic/general names given to persons, animals/birds, things and places. Example – “the boy goes to school”.


Where to find common noun worksheets?

BYJU’S offers several common noun worksheets that parents can easily download and give to their children for practice.

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