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Comprehension is an integral part of English grammar and language learning. Comprehension is usually introduced in the English curriculum when children are in their primary classes. Comprehension is generally given in the form of long or short passages. The main purpose of comprehension is to test the understanding and perception of the children. If you want to improve your child’s understanding ability, then practising comprehension worksheets is the best way to do so.

Benefits of Comprehension

Apart from just increasing the understanding and perceiving ability of your child, comprehension has a lot of other benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Improves reading ability – One of the ways to improve the reading habits of your kid is by giving them reading comprehension worksheets PDF. Reading comprehension passages enhances the reading ability of the kids. Once the kids can read a text correctly, it allows them to understand the meaning of the text. With time, the kid can read the entire comprehension passage and understand what’s discussed. They can also pick up the essential/key information in the passage.
  • Increases vocab – Another benefit of practising comprehension is that it helps children to learn new words. Instead of making them learn new words, it will be better if you give them reading comprehension worksheets to do. Apart from enhancing their vocabulary, the kids learn the usage of words too. This helps them to use those words later in other different contexts.
  • Helps to form ideas – While reading the given comprehension article, the kids try to imagine the given situation. If they understand what the comprehension passage is about, they can give their own views too. Once they have their own views regarding a topic, they try to express them in their own words. So comprehension worksheets help them to develop their own views and answer value-based questions when asked.
  • Improves speaking skills – Once a child has developed a good habit of reading and understanding comprehension passages, it will help them to have better speaking skills than others. The well-formed sentences and the word usage helps them to implement it while they are speaking. This is the reason why BYJU’S offers a lot of English comprehension worksheets that parents or students can easily download for practice. The worksheets are available for various classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Comprehension


What are comprehensions?

Comprehensions are long or short passages about any topic or in the form of stories. Kids have to read these passages, understand and answer the questions asked based on comprehension.


Where do you find the reading comprehension worksheets?

BYJU’S is a one-stop place where you can find plenty of reading comprehension worksheets for your kids. You have easy access to them and can download them for free. These worksheets help your kids to develop their understanding and perceiving abilities from a young age, which would help them in the future.

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