Computer Vocabulary Worksheets

Having a basic knowledge of computers is very important nowadays. And since everything is online now, if students don’t have the basic working knowledge of computers, then it becomes difficult for them to operate them. And students can develop their working knowledge only when they are acquainted with the computer vocabulary. Students should know about the different parts of computers and the other basic terms related to computers. Students can download numerous computer vocabulary worksheets and use them for practice.

What is Computer Vocabulary?

What does one mean when one says ‘computer vocabulary’? Computer vocabulary means knowing about the different parts of a computer or words related to the usage of a computer. Students should learn this basic computer vocabulary as it will help them to solve the computer vocabulary worksheet pdf. But before the basic computer vocabulary, students should know what a computer is.

What is a Computer?

The computer is an electronic device or machine that gives out information (output) based on instructions that we feed it (input). Computers can process large amounts of information/data in a very short time. Computers can be used to play games, write emails, watch videos, study and do many other things. The parts of the computer can be categorised into two kinds, namely the hardware and software. Hardware is parts of the computer that one touches, whereas software can’t be touched as it consists of instructions and programs fed to the computer.

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List of Computer Vocabulary

Primary class students need to know the basic computer vocabulary, which will help them to use one.

  • Monitor – The screen of the computer is called a monitor. The monitor is an output device that displays the information/graphics/videos. The presentation on the monitor is possible with a power supply, be it electricity or battery operated. Nowadays, most monitors are LED/LCD displays.
  • Keyboard – The keyboard is an input device that’s used to feed information to the computer. A keyboard is a device where all the alphabets, number keys, along with other function keys, are present.
  • CPU – Central processing unit commonly referred to as the CPU. This device is referred to as the brain of the computer. All the information that is fed into the computer is processed in this particular unit and later executed. Just as in humans, the brain gathers all information and executes it; similarly, the CPU does the same thing.
  • Mouse – It is a hardware device that allows the user to select or choose what they want to on the computer screen. Apart from selecting and clicking on files/folders/images, the mouse is also used to control the cursor movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What do you mean by computer vocabulary?

Computer vocabulary means knowing about the different parts of a computer or words related to the usage of a computer.


How to practise computer vocabulary?

BYJU’S offers several computer vocabulary worksheet pdf that children can easily download from our website and later practise to make sure that they are acquainted with the basic computer vocabulary.


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