Shapes Vocabulary Worksheet

One of the primary things that kids learn to recognise as they grow up is colours and shapes. Shapes help children to develop a better understanding of their surroundings. It is important that parents introduce some of the basic shapes to children even before they are in kindergarten. This will help them to identify different shapes in the environment. With the help of the shapes vocabulary worksheet, students can practise what they have learned.

Shapes Vocabulary Worksheet Pdf:-Download PDF

Shapes Vocabulary Worksheet:-Download PDF

List of Basic Shapes Vocabulary

There are different types of shapes present in the surroundings, and those shapes can be classified into two categories, two-dimensional shapes (2D) and three-dimensional shapes (3D). But instead of teaching about the 2D and 3D shapes, it is better that children are introduced to the basic shapes. The four main basic shapes are:

  • Square – Square is one of the basic shapes that can be introduced to children in primary classes. Square is a four-sided closed shape/figure. This shape has four sides of equal measurements and four corners. All the four sides are perpendicular as well as equal to one another.
  • Rectangle – Rectangle is another basic shape and has four sides, just like the square. This figure, too, has four sides that are perpendicular to one another and four corners. But unlike squares, the opposite sides of a rectangle are equal.
  • Triangle – Triangle is another important basic shape that kids are familiar with. Triangle has three sides and three corners.
  • Circle – Circle, is another basic shape that is commonly found in our surroundings. This figure has no corners and no edges. The best way to explain to a kid about a circular shape is by showing him the shape of a full moon.

These are some basic shapes that can be taught to kids at a young age. There are plenty of shapes vocabulary worksheets available at BYJU’S website, which will help them practise what they have learned.

Ways to Learn Shapes Vocabulary

How would you teach a pre-kindergarten kid about shapes vocabulary? Well, to put all the parents out of their misery, here are some fun activities that parents can do with their children to make them learn about shapes vocabulary.

  • Use objects – The simplest way to make sure that children learn shapes vocabulary is by introducing them to different shapes in our surroundings. This exercise will help children identify different shapes that they have learned.
  • Drawings – Children love to draw! So the easy way to make them memorise the shapes vocabulary is by asking them to draw figures of the said shapes. Repeated drawings of the shapes will help them with the vocabulary.
  • Guessing game – Once the kids are taught about the basic shapes, try the guessing game. Give them hints about the features of a particular shape and ask them to identify one.

For more Kids Learning activities similar to Worksheets for Kids, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to get a shapes vocabulary worksheet?

BYJU’S offers several shapes vocabulary worksheet pdfs that children can download and practise to strengthen their concepts regarding shapes.


What are basic shapes?

There are mainly four basic shapes that are introduced to kids, namely square, rectangle, triangle, and circle.

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