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Before understanding the past tense, it is necessary to know what tenses are. Once the students get familiar with the concept of tenses, it will help them to identify the different tenses. Tense denotes the change of form in a verb to express the time of an action, i.e. tenses denote whether the action taking place is in the present or past or future. There are three main tenses that are introduced to children while they are in their primary class, i.e. present tense, past tense, and future tense. Once the children understand what tenses are, they can practise past tense verbs worksheets that are available at BYJU’S website.

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What is Past Tense?

How would you explain past tense to a primary class kid? The simple way to do so is to explain to them that past tense describes a verb/action in the past, i.e. already done. For example, “The thief stole the diamond necklace.” Here, the sentence is in the past tense as the action ‘stole’ has already been done. Past tenses have four subcategories of tenses, and knowing about them will help the students to understand the other related grammatical concepts in their higher classes.

  • Simple Past Tense – In this tense, the action or event has already taken place or happened in the past. For example, “The ship sailed yesterday.” Here, the sentence is in the simple past tense as the ship had already sailed yesterday.
  • Past Perfect Tense – This tense denotes an action/event that has already happened/completed before a specific time in the past. For example, “Ruth had completed his homework before his brother arrived.” Here, the action is done in the past, and the subject has completed his work before a certain time in the past.
  • Past Continuous/Progressive Tense – This tense expresses an action/event that was going on in the past. For example, “The boys were playing in the park.” Here, the action, i.e. ‘playing’ was going on in the past.
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense – This tense is used for an action/event that began/started before a particular/certain time in the past and continued up to that time. For example, “Ron had been studying when his mother came home.”

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Frequently Asked Questions on Past Tense Verbs Worksheets


What are past tenses?

Past tense describes a verb/action in the past tense, i.e. already done. For example, “Mary called me in the morning.” Here, the action ‘called’ has already taken place.


How to get the past tense verb worksheets?

BYJU’S provides students with ample study materials. If students are looking for past tense verb worksheets, they can easily visit the website and download them. The past tense verb worksheet is available in pdf format, which makes it easier to print and save for further practice.

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