Zinc Hydroxide Formula

Zinc Hydroxide exists as a rare natural mineral in the earth. It is an amphoteric white solid compound that has the ability to dissolve in a solution of strong acid or base. It occurs as three rare earth minerals Wulfingite, ashoverite, and sweetite.

Properties Of Zinc Hydroxide

Chemical formula Zn(OH)2
Molecular weight 99.394 g/mol
Density 3.053 g/cm3
Melting point 125 degree Celsius.

Zinc Hydroxide Structural Formula

Here is the typical structural representation of Zinc Hydroxide.

Zinc Hydroxide Structural Formula

It exists in orthorhombic or tetragonal forms.

In normal conditions, zinc dissociates to form zinc ions along with 2 hydroxide ions from the sodium hydroxide solution to form zinc hydroxide.

Zn2++ 2OH- → Zn(OH)2

When Zinc hydroxide reacts with an excess of sodium hydroxide, it precipitates to form Zn (OH)2 and later dissolves into zincate ion.

Zn (OH)2 + 2OH– → Zn(OH)42-

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