Barium Hydroxide Formula

Barium Hydroxide formula, also known as Barium dihydroxide formula or Caustic baryta formula is explained in this article. It is a chemical compound which is made up of one atom of barium, two atoms of hydrogen, and two atoms of oxygen. The chemical or molecular formula of Barium Hydroxide is Ba(OH)2.

It occurs as a white powder which does not have an odour. It can be obtained by dissolving Barium Oxide in water. This chemical compound is moderately soluble in water.

Barium Hydroxide Formula Structure

Barium Hydroxide Formula

Properties Of Barium Hydroxide Formula

Chemical formula of Barium Hydroxide Ba(OH)2
Molecular weight of Barium Hydroxide 171.34 g/mol (anhydrous)
Density of Barium Hydroxide 3.743 g/cm3 (monohydrate)
Melting point of Barium Hydroxide 78 °C
Boiling point of Barium Hydroxide 780 °C

It is a stable compound but hazardous because of its toxicity and corrosiveness. On exposure of Barium hydroxide to the skin or inhaled or swallowed it can be harmful. Therefore if your clothes come in contact with this compound they should be removed quickly. Also, the region of skin exposed to Ba(OH)2 should be thoroughly washed with cold water and soap.

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