Bismuth(III) Chloride Formula

Bismuth(III) chloride is also known as bismuth trichloride and trichlorobismuth. It is an inorganic salt that is obtained by reacting bismuth with chlorine. The property value of hydrogen bond acceptor is 3.

Following is the table of formulas of bismuth(III) chloride:

Molecular formula BiCl3
The Simplified molecular-input line-entry system (SMILES) [Cl].[Cl].[Cl].[Bi+3]

Structure Of Bismuth(III) Chloride

Bismuth(III) Chloride Formula

Properties Of Bismuth(III) Chloride

IUPAC name bismuth trichloride
Molecular formula BiCl3
Molecular mass 315.34 g/mol
Boiling point 447℃
Melting point 230 to 232℃
Appearance Pale yellow solid

Applications Of Bismuth(III) Chloride

  • Processes like alcoholysis, acetolysis and hydrolysis, BiCl3 is used as a catalyst.
  • Allylation of secondary benzyl alcohols.
  • It is used in the preparation of thiiranaes from oxiranes.

Safety Measures

  • It can cause burns on the skin when it reacts with water as hydrochloric acid is produced.
  • It is a toxic compound, causes irritation in the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal.

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