Cadmium Sulfate Formula

Cadmium Sulfate Chemical Formula

Let us learn the chemical properties of Cadmium Sulfate. Cadmium Sulfate is a white color, crystalline solid that is easily soluble in water.

Chemical formula

CdSO4 or CdO4S

Molecular weight

208.47 g/mol

Chemical names

Sulfuric acid, 10124-36-4 Cadmium sulphate, Cadmium monosulfate, cadmium salt (1:1)


4.691 g/cm3 (anhydrous)

Boiling point

decomposes to basic sulfate and then the oxide

Melting point

1,000 °C

Crystal structure


Cadmium Sulfate Structural Formula

When X-ray is passed on Cadmium Sulfate we can visualise that each Cd2+ center has octahedral coordination and is being surrounded by 4 oxygen centers provided by 4 sulfate ligands and 2 oxygen centers from the bridging water ligands. The structural formula for Cadmium Sulfate is as shown in the figure below.

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