MCQs on Debentures

A debenture is a debt tool used by a company that supports long term loans. Here, the fund is a borrowed capital, which makes the holder of debenture a creditor of the business. The debentures are both redeemable and unredeemable, freely transferable with a fixed interest rate. It is unsecured and sustained only by the issuer’s credibility.

Given below are important MCQs on Debentures to analyze your understanding of the topic. The answers are also given for your reference.

Debentures MCQs

Question 1

Debenture holders are

A) Debtors of the Company

B) Creditors of the Company

C) Debtors of the Company

D) Owners of the Company

Answer B

Question 2

Debentures indicate the

A) Short-term Borrowings of a Company

B) Directors’ shares in a company

C) The Investment of Equity-Shareholders

D) Long-term Borrowings of a Company

Answer D

Question 3

In debenture, interest payable is

A) Transferred to general reserve

B) Transferred to falling fund investment account

C) Charged against the firm’s profits

D) Appropriation of the company’s profits

Answer C

Question 4

The owner of the debenture is qualified for

A) Fixed-rate interest

B) Company’s voting rights

C) Firm’s Profits share

D) Fixed dividend

Answer A

Question 5

On company liquidation, the principal amount of debentures is returned

A) After Equity Capital

B) Before Equity Capital

C) Last of All

D) First of All

Answer B

Question 6

Which of the below-mentioned statement is not true?

A) The issue price and redemption value of debentures cannot differ

B) Interest on debenture is a charge against profits

C) It is common to prefix debentures with the agreed interest rate

D) A debenture is a kind of public borrowing

Answer A

Question 7

Point out the false statements

A) A firm can buy its own debentures and shares.

B) A Company can issue convertible debentures.

C) A business can issue debentures with voting rights.

D) An organization can issue redeemable debentures.

Answer C

Question 8

Which options are not a feature of Bearer Debentures?

A) The interest is paid to the holder irrespective of identity

B) It is transferred by mere delivery.

C) The transfer of bearer debenture requires transfer deed

D) It is a negotiable tool.

Answer C

Question 9

Debenture Application A/c is in the form of

A) Current Account

B) Nominal Account

C) Personal Account

D) Real Account

Answer C

Question 10

The form of a discount on issue of Debentures is in the nature of

A) Deferred Revenue Expenditure

B) Capital loss

C) Revenue loss

D) None of the above

Answer B

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