BPL Full Form

What is the full form of BPL?

1) The full form of BPL is Below Poverty Line. India’s government has set this economic standard so it can identify the lower-income people in the community who need urgent assistance from the government. The government has placed an income limit. Individuals whose earnings fall below the limit are listed as BPL. According to a survey, about 25 to 30 per cent of the population of India is BPL.

History of BPL (Below Poverty Line)

  • The task force of the planning commission, 1962, proposed a minimum amount of expenditure necessary to live as Rs. 20 per person in rural communities, and Rs. 25 per person in urban areas, with the exception of schooling and healthcare provided by the state government.
  • After the 1970s the criterion was further modified for the lower BPL level as the daily minimum income of Rs. 49.1 and Rs. 56.7 for rural and urban areas, respectively.
  • In 1993, the group of experts split the definition of aggregate poverty line into the definition of state level, in which the poverty line for each state was specified separately.
  • The rate of poverty line in rural India reached Rs. 972 in 2012, and Rs. 1,407 in urban India. In that year, it was approximated that 29.5 per cent of the Indian population lived below the poverty line.
  • In 2014, the Rangarajan Panel said that there were about 454 million people living in extreme poverty in the country comprising 38 percent of the population.

Criteria defining BPL

  • House type
  • Infant status
  • Consumer durables
  • Food Security
  • Literacy status
  • Landholding
  • Sanitation
  • Clothes, etc.

2) Another full form of BPL is British Physical Laboratories Group. BPL is an Indian electronics company that manufactures electronics and equipments pertaining to health care. Its headquarter is in Bangalore, India. Bharat Energy Ventures, BPL Display Systems and BPL Securities are its subsidiaries. BPL is a trusted brand in the consumer-resilient sector, and its supply chain includes more than 7000 distributors.

History of BPL (British Physical Laboratories Group)

  • BPL was founded in Palakkad, Kerala, in 1963. It has been recognized for developing high meticulousness panel monitors for security systems as a single product organization.
  • It started manufacturing electrocardiographs in 1967 in technical collaboration with Fukuda Electric Co., Japan.
  • It began producing Power Line Carrier communications systems in 1967.
  • It established its marketing and sales division in 1975.
  • It arrived into the consumer electronics industry in 1982.
  • It began production of telephone equipment and EPABX in 1984.
  • In 1985 it accepted the industrial license in collaboration with Sanyo to build VCRs.
  • It began manufacturing kitchen appliances in 1994.
  • 1n 1995, the Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra mobile telephone services were launched.
  • It entered into a tactical alliance with Slovenian engineering firm in 2000 to start production off-shore in Europe.
  • It founded state-of-art design & analysis centers at BPL Telecom in 2001 for software and system solutions.
  • For CTV production and its marketing, it entered into a joint business enterprise with Sanyo in 2005.

Famous products

  • Home Theatre
  • Landline Phones
  • Televisions
  • Energy communications equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Household products such as home UPS, cooking hubs, home lighting, gag tables, etc.


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