CBI Full Form

What is the full form of CBI?

The full form of CBI is the Central Bank of India. The CBI is owned by the Indian government and is one of India’s largest and oldest financial institutions. It is located in Mumbai, which is the Indian financial capital as well as the state capital of Maharashtra.

It is one of 12 banks in the public sector in India that will be recapitalized in 2009. Despite appearances, it is not India’s central financial institution. It’s a bank for the public. According to its pan-India role, the Central Bank of India is retained as a separate agency in a merger proposal of the NDA government.

Important information about the Central Bank of India

  • The RBI has contacted the Central Bank of India for the right to access branch offices in five additional regions, Dubai, Singapore, London & Doha.
  • The CBI Bank has a network of 4,651 divisions, 3,642 ATMs, ten satellite offices and one extension counter as of 31st March 2020.
  • Out of all districts in the country, it has a pan-India presence comprising all twenty-eight states, 7 out of 8 union territories and five seventy-four district headquarters.

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