CIA Full Form

What is the full form of CIA?

The full form of the CIA is Central Intelligence Agency. It is the United States’ civilian international intelligence service. It was created in 1947 when President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act. Its headquarters is located in Virginia, USA, at the George Bush Center for Intelligence.

The CIA director, who functions as the head of the CIA, responds to the national intelligence director. He is appointed by the President and approved by the senate.

Mission and vision of CIA

  • To offer the strategic and tactical benefit for the United States via data, observations, and actions
  • Take action by intelligence to deter threats and further US national defence goals.
  • Performing all-source objective evaluation
  • Carrying out efficient covert operations as ordered by the President
  • To safeguard details that support keep the nation protected.

Ethics of CIA

The ethical culture containing adherent beliefs, core values, and the CIA’s highest expectations is driven by CIA members. There are several facets of their ethic, such as

  • Country comes first, organization before unit & mission before self.
  • It insists on the highest lawful behaviour norms and offers data without any organizational or political bias.
  • It brings out the best of its varied experiences and experience to all it does. It offers the tools, management, and skills to its members that they need to achieve.
  • It completes demanding activities and does not shy away from risk.
  • They’re standing by and behind each other.
  • Through shielding sources and methods from the moment they step into service to their last moment, CIA staff maintain their right to acquire secrets.

CIA functions

  • The issue or problem of national security is recognized.
  • It gathers and analyses data or foreign intelligence that is important to US policies, specifically related to the country’s security.
  • It then offers the President and US policymakers this knowledge to assist them in creating national security-related judgments.
  • It just gathers details about foreign countries and people.
  • Security problems may be researched, such as which terrorist groups’ strategies, which nations with biological or chemical technology are preparing to do with such weapons, etc.
  • Conducts other related roles and obligations that can impact national security as guided by the President or the Director of National Intelligence.

The CIA Offices

Central Intelligence Agency is divided into five offices, which are listed below.

  • Directorate of Support
  • Directorate of Intelligence
  • Offices of the Director
  • National Clandestine Service
  • Directorate of Science & Technology


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