ESA Full Form

What is the full form of the ESA?

The full form of ESA is the European Space Agency. It is a European research organization in the sector space technology, established in 1975 by the combination of the ELDO (European Launcher Development Organization) and the ESRO (European Space Research Organization). It has 22 member states and its headquartered is located in Paris. In several European countries, it also has branches.

History of ESA

  • After the Second World War, Europe expressed the requirement for a space program.
  • Ultimately, in 1958, two prominent European scientists, Pierre Auger & Edoardo Amaldi, proposed uniting European governments and setting up an organization identical to CERN.
  • In 1964, countries had formed a framework to build on launchers for the European Launch Development organization and make spacecraft for the ESRO.
  • The European Space Agency came into being in 1975, roughly ten years after the merger of ELDO with ESRO and the contributions of its ten founding member nations.
  • Cos-B was the very first satellite mission planned to look at gamma radiation in space.
  • ESA has a Board of Governors that offers the basic guidelines under which ESA establishes the European Space Programmes.
  • ESA is managed by a Director-General who, for five years, is appointed by the Council.

Objectives of ESA

  • ESA’s goal to shape the growth of the space capabilities of Europe and to ensure that space programme investments prove beneficial to European people and to the globe.
  • It is also an organization responsible for European civilian space operations and a significant donor to the international space station.
  • Also, it has different satellite programmes intended to explore both the Earth as well as other planets.
  • Mars Express, which orbits the Red Planet, and Rosetta is a space probe that entered Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014 are among its primary missions.


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