HR Full Form

What is the full form of HR?

The full form of HR is Human Resources. It is a word used to define the people who make up the company’s employees; each company executive is a resource for any organization. The person involved in hiring the applicants, overseeing management activities and providing formal feedback to the new employees is named as the HR Manager.

In every organization, HRM (Human Resource Management) seems to be the most important department. It recognizes each company employee as its resource. A business is much more likely to succeed if the workers are genuine and dedicated to the job. Staff is the firm’s resources that should be recruited, fulfilled and maintained.

Key functions of HR

The main functions of HR are listed below.

  • To hire employees for the firm
  • Counseling and handling complaints
  • Training and growth
  • Management of talent
  • Performance appraisal for the staff
  • Maintain relations with employees
  • Administration and maintenance of documents
  • To inspire the staff
  • Welfare for workers, benefits and bonuses.


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