PIL Full Form

What is the full form of the PIL?

The full form of PIL is Public Interest Litigation. It refers to the law action or use of legislation to encourage or increase the question of public concern for equality and human rights. It is often a government-interest legal action or other act for the public’s good. Judicial proceedings shall be brought before a court of law to exercise the interests of the public or general welfare or where an individual’s legal rights or liabilities are affected. A PIL may be filed by any person or a group of individuals.

Functions of PIL

  • PIL is implemented as a procedure that reflects on the country’s people and encourages the public to engage in regulatory action judicial review to enable the judicial system to be more democratic.
  • Its main goal is to protect the nation’s citizens by pursuing legal action for their advantage and to lift the cause of minorities and marginalised individuals or groups.
  • Instead of impacting a specific individual, it gives average citizens access to the law to seek legal redress for a more serious concern that has a broader public interest or affects the population at large.
  • It will take the burden and nominate a lawyer to battle the case if the court feels that the PIL has public importance. So, we may claim that in India, the judiciary enables a person or group of individuals to start litigation only by presenting a letter to a judge.
  • It is necessary to file a PIL directly before the Supreme Court or the High Court.
  • It is a privilege to advocate for a public cause by requesting judicial relief from public injury or interest of the public concerns such as road safety, hazardous conditions, building risks, and so on.


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