TGB Full Form

What is the full form of TGB?

The full form of TGB is the Telangana Grameena Bank. TGB is one of the rural banks in the Telangana state that shows the great result in the backward state district in terms of advance & deposits, profit growth &NPAs (non-performing assets).

The current study evaluates the role of the TGB by analyzing performance indicators including the total number of bank branches, advances, deposits, lending to the development expenditure, financial performance and NPAs over the 10-year period 2005 -2014.

A brief history of TGB

  • On 24.03.2006, the TGB formerly known as (DGB) Deccan Grameena Bank was created by combining four RRBs funded by the State Bank of Hyderabad, Sri Rama Grameena Bank, Sri Saraswathi Grameena Bank & Golconda Grameena Bank.
  • DGB established with its head office in Hyderabad by providing various facilities such as low-interest rates and better credit service and so on.
  • In Telangana State, the DGB covers five districts, most of which are backward districts, that is Karimnagar, Adilabad, Rangareddy, Nizamabad & Hyderabad.Rs.
  • 5 crores are the authorized cash inflows of the bank.
  • The paid-up capital is Rs.4 crores, which is made a significant contribution to the proportion of 50 : 35: 15 by the Indian government, the Sponsor Bank that is the State Bank of Hyderabad and the Telangana Government.


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