Helium Gas Formula

Helium gas is a non-toxic and non-combustible gas that is obtained from natural gas. Helium Gas was first detected in sun. Helium is widely used in the medical field to treat respiratory disorders and also used in general anaesthetics. It is available abundantly and is the second lightest gas seen. Since it is the lightest gas it is used in helium balloons.

Properties Of Helium

Chemical formula He
Molecular weight 4.003 g/mol
Chemical names Atomic helium, Helium-4, and p-Helium
Density 0.1786 g/L
Electronic configuration 1s2

Helium Gas Structural Formula

Helium Gas features hexagonal closed pack crystal structure. It belongs to group 18, period 1, s block noble gas. It is named after the Greek word helios. It displays red-orange color when exposed in an electric field. Helium is a monoatomic lightest noble gas found in nature.

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