Hydrocyanic Acid Formula

It is an immediate death-causing chemical when consumed in small amount too.pits of fruits like cherries, apricots and apples are the sources of Hydrocyanic Acid. It is a volatile component with bitter-almond odour. Let us know the chemical composition and details of Hydrocyanic Acid.

Properties Of Hydrocyanic Acid

Formula HCN
Chemical names Formic anammonide, Hydrocyanic acid,

Prussic acid and Methanenitrile, Hydrogen cyanide

Molar mass 27.0253 g/mol
Boiling Point 26 °C
Melting point −13.29 °C

Hydrocyanic Acid Structural Formula

The structural formula of Hydrocyanic Acid is as shown below.

Hydrocyanic Acid Structural Formula

Hydrocyanic Acid partially ionizes in water-based solution to form cyanide anion CN−. Hydrogen cyanide in water represented as HCN and is referred to as hydrocyanic acid. The salts of the cyanide anion are known as cyanides.

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