Malic Acid Formula

Malic acid is a dicarboxylic acid with a molecular formula C4H6O5. The salts of malic acid are known as malates. It is made by all living organisms and contributes to the sour taste in fruits. Because of this property, it is commonly used as a food additive. In this short piece of article, learn more about the malic acid formula, its chemical structure and properties along with its uses.

Malic Acid Properties

Properties of Malic Acid


Malic Acid


Crystalline White Solid

Molecular Formula


Melting Point

130 °C



Molar Mass

134.087 g·mol−1

Solubility in water


Malic Acid Chemical Properties

Malic Acid Formula

Malic Acid Uses

  • It is used in medicines
  • Used to treat fibromyalgia
  • Applied on the skin to treat warts, acne and other skin problems
  • Used as a flavouring agent in food
  • Used to adjust the acidity of cosmetics

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