Phthalic Acid Formula

Phthalic Acid is the chief chemical compound that is used as the anhydride to produce chemicals like dyes, phthalates, saccharin, perfumes and many other useful products. Phthalic Acid is an isomer of isophthalic acid and terephthalic acid. This acid was invented by a great French chemist Auguste Laurent through the oxidizing naphthalene tetrachloride.

Properties Of Phthalic Acid

Chemical formula C8H6O4 or C6H4(COOH)2 or H2C8H4O4
Molecular weight 166.132 g/mol
Density 1.593 g/cm3
Chemical names ortho-Phthalic acid, 1,2-Benzenedioic acid,

Benzene-1,2-dioic acid

Solubility in water 0.6 g / 100 mL
Melting point 207 °C

Phthalic Acid Structural Formula

Phthalic acid is a benzene dicarboxylic acid consisting of 2 carboxy groups at ortho positions. It has a role as a human xenobiotic metabolite. It is the conjugate acid of a phthalate(1-) and a phthalate. The chemical structure of phthalic acid is shown in the figure below.

Phthalic Acid Structural Formula

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