Scalene Triangle Formula

What is Scalene triangle ?

If a triangle has 3 unequal sides and also the angles of the triangle are different then it is called a Scalene triangle.

Properties of Scalene triangle

  • 3 unequal sides
  • 3 unequal angles
  • Line of symmetry missing.

Formula for Scalene triangle

    • Area of Triangle = ½ x b x h

Where b is base and h is the height.

    • When all sides are given,


\(\begin{array}{l}=\sqrt{s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)}\end{array} \)

Where s = semiperimeter (a+b+c)/2

Both the above formulas can be used to find the area of scalene triangle depending on whether the three sides of the triangle are given or not.

Example of Area of a scalene triangle formula

If the base of a triangle is 6 and height is 10 cm, Find the area of the scalene triangle?


Area of Triangle = ½ x b x h

Where b is base, h is the height.

A = ½ X 6 X 10

= 30cm2

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