WBBSE Class 7 Previous Year Question Paper

Solving previous year question paper are really important because they help students get good practice. Also, previous year question papers are the only source of quality practice which the students need before facing the actual exams. These papers ensure we are in sync with the question paper format as well. Also, it helps us to acclimatize to the level of difficulty of the exam.

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The students can come to know the type and tend of questions that are asked in the examinations and prepare it accordingly. There are many questions that get repeated if a student prepares well he/she can score well. It also helps the students to assess the speed and accuracy with which they attempt the questions. By doing so, the students can improve their memory and knowledge as well.

Going through the previous year question paper can help the students in the following ways.

  • It covers everything
  • You can understand the pattern
  • Fewer curveballs
  • Improve your speed
  • Confidence
  • Getting to know what is important and not important.
  • Getting an idea of the difficulty level

It is essential for solving previous year question papers. It’s beneficial because the question paper covers the entire subject and each subject will have different question papers.

Click the below links for previous years maths and science question paper.

Previous Year Maths Question Paper for Class 7 Previous Year Science Question Paper for Class 7


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