Before knowing what abstract nouns are, it is important to know what nouns are. To put it in simpler terms, nouns mean names of persons, animals/birds, places or things. Nouns can further be classified into six types, and one among them is abstract nouns. Once the children have basic knowledge about nouns, it will be easier for them to identify the different kinds of nouns. In BYJU’S, you will find a number of nouns worksheets along with the different types of nouns worksheet pdfs. As parents, you can easily download these abstract noun worksheets for your children’s practice.

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What is an Abstract Noun?

According to Merriam Webster, the term abstract means “relating to or involving general ideas/qualities rather than specific things/actions/people”. Similarly, abstract nouns are those kinds of nouns that name the qualities, feelings, ideas, actions etc. These qualities, feelings, ideas, actions can’t be touched or seen but can be felt. For example, “The honesty of the man moved the judges”. Here, honesty is a quality and an example of an abstract noun as well. BYJU’S offers a number of abstract noun worksheets that can be downloaded and practised by the children.

What Comes under Abstract Noun?

Quality, state, emotion, and action are the following things that can be brought under abstract nouns.

  • Types of quality – bravery, honesty, brightness, kindness, courage, beauty, patience, generosity etc.
  • Types of state – boyhood, sleep, death, poverty, nervousness, liberty, childhood etc.
  • Types of emotion – love, hate, anger, envy, joy, sadness, happiness etc.
  • Types of action – movement, laughter, theft, hatred, judgement etc.

Apart from these, ideas/concepts and feelings too come under abstract nouns.

Tips to Teach Abstract Noun

Here are a few ways you as a parent/teacher can make the kids well acquainted with the abstract nouns.

  • Make a poster – Children learn fast from seeing things. So the best way to make acquainted with abstract nouns is by making a poster that shows different qualities, states, emotions, and actions.
  • Change from verb to abstract noun by tion or sion – This trick will help the child to learn how to convert verbs into abstract nouns. Not all, but most verbs can be converted into abstract nouns just by adding ‘tion’ or ‘sion’. For example, starve is a verb but starvation is an abstract noun.

Frequently Asked Questions on Abstract Noun Worksheets


What is an abstract noun?

Abstract nouns are the name of a quality, emotion, state, action rather than a specific object or person. For example, “our childhood was very nice”. Here, childhood is a state; this is an example of an abstract noun.


Where can I find abstract noun worksheets?

BYJU’S is a one-stop where parents can find numerous worksheets for their children. Parents can easily download and access several abstract noun worksheets with answers PDF for their children. These worksheets will help the children to understand the concept of abstract nouns easily.

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