Irregular Past Tense Verbs Worksheet

One of the parts of speech is the verbs. Having a clear understanding of verbs help the students to understand other concepts like tenses and other grammatical concepts. And one of the parts of verbs is the irregular verbs; after understanding the basics, the students can easily download the irregular past tense verbs worksheets from BYJU’S website for their practice. Irregular verbs are quite easy to learn with these worksheets, and students can download a list of irregular verbs if they want to.

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What are Irregular Verbs?

Most verbs, when converted from present tense to past tense, add ‘ed’ or ‘d’ at the end. For example, the verb ‘play’ in the present tense becomes ‘played’ in the past tense, the past tense of ‘love’ becomes ‘loved’. There are plenty of verbs that just add ‘ed’ or ‘d’ when they become past tense, these kinds of verbs are known as regular verbs. But there are some verbs that get entirely changed when converted from present to past tense. These kinds of verbs are known as irregular past tense verbs.

List of Irregular Past Tense Verbs

If you search on the website, you will find lots of irregular past tense verbs, which you can either download or write down so that your child can learn them. Knowing about the different verb forms in their past tense will help students to solve the irregular past tense verbs worksheet pdf.

List of Irregular Past Tense Verbs:

Present tense Past tense Past Participle

Arise Arose Arisen

Abide Abode Abode

Awake Awoke Awoke, Awaked

Be Was, Were Been

Bear(to carry) Bore Borne

Bear (to give birth) Bore Born

Begin Began Begun

Bite Bit Bitten,Bit

Blow Blew Blown

Break Broke Broken

Choose Chose Chosen

Come Came Come

Cut Cut Cut

Do Did Done

Draw Drew Drawn

Drink Drank Drunk

Drive Drove Driven

Eat Ate Eaten

Fall Fell Fallen

Fly Flew Flown

Forbid Forbade Forbidden

Forget Forgot Forgotten

Forgive Forgave Forgiven

Go Went Gone

Grow Grew Grown

Hide Hid Hidden

Know Knew Known

Lie Lay Lain

Lay Laid Laid

Mistake Mistook Mistaken

Ride Rode Ridden

Ring Rang Rung

Rise Rose Risen

See Saw Seen

Speak Spoke Spoken

Spring Sprang Sprung

Steal Stole Stolen

Swim Swam Swum

Take Took Taken

Tear Tore Torn

Wake Wore Woken

Write Wrote Written

Wear Wore Worn

This is a list of irregular past tense verbs, which proves to be beneficial for students. They can also find more irregular past tense verbs at BYJU’S website, which will help them to solve irregular past tense verbs worksheets. For more Kids Learning activities similar to Worksheets for Kids, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Irregular Past Tense Verbs worksheets


What are irregular past tense verbs?

Verbs that don’t convert to past tense or past participle form by adding ‘d’ or ‘ed’ to their present tense (form) are known as irregular verbs. For example, ‘stick’ becomes ‘stuck’ in the past tense.


Where to get the irregular past tense verbs worksheets?

Irregular past tense verbs worksheets are not that hard to find. Once you visit BYJU’S website, you can find plenty of worksheets on the related topic.

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