Barium bromide Formula

Barium bromide formula, also known as Barium (2+) dibromide formula or Bariumbromide formula is discussed in this article. It acts as a simple salt in its aqueous form whereas it crystallizes in lead chloride motif forming deliquescent orthorhombic white crystals. The molecular or chemical formula of Barium bromide is BaBr2 (anhydrous).

Barium (2+) dibromide can be synthesized from barium carbonate or barium sulfide by reacting with hydrobromic acid (HBr) to form hydrated barium bromide.

Barium bromide Formula Structure

Barium bromide Formula

Properties Of Barium bromide Formula

Chemical formula of Barium bromide BaBr2 (anhydrous)
Molecular weight of Barium bromide 297.14 g/mol (anhydrous)
Density of Barium bromide 4.78 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
Boiling point of Barium bromide 1,835 °C
Melting point of Barium bromide 857 °C

Barium bromide and some other water-soluble barium salts are considered to be toxic as they can cause severe poisoning on ingesting.

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