Chemical Formula For Water

Water is very essential for life. Without water, plants would die and animals and people would go thirsty and eventually die. Now that we have mentioned how important water is to us, have you ever wondered what makes water and why is it so important to us? In this article, we will discuss the chemical formula for water, its chemical structure, properties and uses.

Properties of Water

Properties of Water
Name Water
Also Known as Hydroxic acid
Appearance White crystalline solid, colourless liquid and colourless gas
Chemical Formula H2O
Melting Point 0.00 °C
Boiling Point 99.98 °C
Density 997 kg/m³
Molar Mass 18.01528 g/mol

Chemical Structure Of Water


Uses of Water

  • Water is used for domestic purposes like cooking, bathing, washing and drinking
  • It is used for agricultural, farming and gardening purposes
  • It is used for recreational purposes like boating, swimming and rafting
  • It is used in industries for manufacturing items

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