Chromium III Sulfate Formula

Chromium III Sulfate is an inorganic compound in which the ratio of chromium to sulfate is 2:3. It has a molecular formula Cr2(SO4)3. It is a water-soluble blue-grey solid. Upon heating, it turns from blue to green. Here, in this article, we shall be discussing more about the Chromium III Sulfate formula along with its chemical structure, properties and uses.

Chromium III Sulfate Properties

Properties of Chromium III Sulfate Properties


Chromium III Sulfate


Blue-gray solid

Chemical Formula


Melting Point

90 °C

Boiling Point

>700 °C


3.1 g/cm³

Molar Mass

392.16 g/mol

Solubility in Water


Chromium III Sulfate Structure

Chromium III Sulfate Formula

Chromium III Sulfate Structure Uses

  • Used as an electrolyte for obtaining chromium metal
  • Used for chrome plating on other metals for decorative and protective purposes
  • Used as a mordant in tanning leather
  • Used in imparting a green colour to varnishes, paints, ceramic glazes and ink

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