Cinnamic Acid Formula

Cinnamic acid is a white crystalline acid with a molecular formula C9H8O2. It is a crystalline compound that is white in colour and is slightly soluble in water. It is collected from the oil of cinnamon and is also found in shea butter. It has a honey-like odour. In this short piece of article, we shall be discussing more about the cinnamic acid formula along with its chemical structure and properties.

Cinnamic Acid Properties

Properties of Cinnamic Acid


Cinnamic Acid

Other Names

Cinnamylic acid, Isocinnamic acid, Benzenepropenoic acid


White monoclinic crystals

Molecular Formula


Melting Point

133 °C

Boiling Point

300 °C


1.2475 g/cm3

Molar Mass

148.161 g.mol–1

Solubility in Water

Slightly soluble

Cinnamic Acid Structure

Cinnamic Acid Formula

Cinnamic Acid Uses

  • Used in flavourings and certain pharmaceuticals
  • Used in the perfume industry
  • Used as a precursor to the sweetener aspartame

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