GK Questions on Earth You Must Know

GK questions on Earth our planet are provided here for your reference. In this vast universe, we dwell on a beautiful little planet- Earth. We, humans, are just one of the millions of species found on our planet. But we are also the most intelligent one! We must know about our habitat. That’s the reason why kids are also taught about the planet in their formative years. Easy questions about Earth offered here will help students in getting a better insight into our planet. 

It’s crucial to have a good grasp of Earth GK because most of the activities we perform link to or influence our planet. Given below are some GK Questions on Earth for Class 3 kids. These Earth Quiz Questions and Answers will enhance the mental abilities of kids and make them more aware citizens.

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Answer the following GK questions on Earth:

  1. Which is the closest star to Earth?
    1. Sun
    2. Alpha Centauri A
    3. Moon
    4. Proxima Centauri
  1. The gas in most abundance on the Earth is
    1. Hydrogen
    2. Oxygen
    3. Nitrogen
    4. Carbon Dioxide
  1. __________ is composed of molten rocks that comes out during a volcanic eruption.
    1. Magma
    2. Lava
    3. Crust
    4. Core
  1. Earth completes one rotation in approximately __________ hours.
    1. 6
    2. 12
    3. 24
    4. 36
  1. __________ of Earth results in day and night.
    1. Rotation
    2. Revolution
    3. The orbit of the Earth
    4. When the Moon blocks the Sun
  1. __________ of Earth results in the change of seasons.
    1. Rotation
    2. Revolution
    3. The orbit of the Earth
    4. When the Moon blocks the Sun
  1. The Rotation of Earth happens when
    1. The Earth orbits around the Sun
    2. The Earth spins on its own axis
    3. The Earth orbits around the Moon
    4. The Sun orbits around the Earth
  1. In the __________ season, the Earth is closest to the Sun.
    1. Summer
    2. Winter
    3. Spring
    4. Autumn
  1. Alteration in the length of the shadows is caused due to
    1. Earth’s Revolution
    2. Blockage of Earth by the Moon
    3. Earth’s Rotation
    4. Movement of Sun
  1. Our Solar System is a part of which Galaxy?
    1. Whirlpool Galaxy
    2. Black Eye Galaxy
    3. Andromeda Galaxy
    4. Milky Way

We hope that your little one enjoyed solving these GK questions on Earth. The correct answers to all the above-mentioned questions are placed at the bottom of the article. If you want to get more of such interesting GK Quizzes apart from Earth quiz questions and answers, you can visit the linked article.  

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1. (a) Sun 2. (c) Nitrogen 3. (b) Lava 4. (c) 24 5. (a) Rotation
6. (b) Revolution 7. (b) The Earth spins on its own axis 8. (a) Summer 9. (c) Earth’s Rotation 10. (d) Milky Way

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