Question Papers for Economics Class 12

Economics is a subject that deals with the interactions and traits of an economy. It is comprehensive and can be pertained across all the facets of the community. The economy is a part and parcel of daily life and it can be a good choice for a career.

Specialising in economics is a degree plan and other higher levels require a good fundamental in the schooling degree. Therefore, economics has been incorporated in the Class 12 syllabus.

Scoring good marks in this subject is compulsory if the students want to create a benchmark in their economics career. To assist students in scoring good marks, we at BYJU’S have collated the old question papers for Class 12 economics from the previous years’ board examinations. Students can make effective use of these question papers during their revision sessions.

Why is Practising Question Papers for Economics Class 12 significant?

  •     Helps the students to be well aware of the syllabus
  •     Urges the students to begin their revision sessions
  •     Supports the students to get rid of the examination fear
  •     Recognises the silly mistakes committed
  •     Assists in outlining the examination strategy

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Click the links provided below to download and solve the year wise CBSE Question Papers For Class 12 Economics :

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