Important Questions for Presentation of Data

Important questions with answers for presentation of data which is drafted by expert Commerce teachers from the latest version of CBSE (NCERT) books.

Important Questions – Presentation of Data

Question 1

Define presentation of data.


The presentation of data is a representation of data in an attractive and transparent manner that everybody understands and can analyse.

Question 2

What is tabulation?


Tabulation means presenting data in a tabular form.

Question 3

Define table.


Table refers to the systematic representation of data with rows and columns.

Question 4

Define a simple table.


A simple table only displays one characteristic of the data.

Question 5

What is a complex table?


It is a table that shows more than one characteristic of the data.

Question 6

Define a derived table.


In a derived table the information is not displayed according to the way it is collected. It is first converted into ratios or percentages and then presented.

Question 7

What are the two principal parts of a table?


The two principal parts of a table are: (i) Table number (ii) Title

Question 8

How can tables be classified?


Tables can be classified into three parts: (i) Purpose (ii) Originality (iii) Construction

Question 9

What are the two types of a complex table?


The two types of a complex table are: (i) Double or two-way table (ii) Manifold table

Question 10

What are the different forms of presentation of data?


The different forms of presentation of data are: (i) Textual and descriptive presentation (ii) Tabular presentation (iii) Diagrammatic presentation

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