Important Questions for Use of Statistical Tools

Important Questions with Answers for Use of Statistical Tools which is drafted by expert commerce teachers from the latest version of CBSE (NCERT) books.

Important Questions – Use of Statistical Tools

Question 1

Name five statistical methods that are used in developing a project.

Answer: The five statistical methods in developing a project are as follows:

  •     Collection of data
  •     Classification of data
  •     Presentation of data
  •     Analysis of data
  •     Interpretation of data

Question 2

What are the steps to prepare a project report on consumer awareness?

Answer: The steps to prepare a project report on consumer awareness are as follows:

  •     Designing a questionnaire
  •     Framing a sample
  •     Collecting data
  •     Classifying data
  •     Presenting data
  •     Analysing data
  •     Interpreting data

Question 3

What do you mean by demographics?

Answer: Demographics is a study of the characteristics of the human population, such as growth, size, distribution, density, and vital statistics.

Question 4

Explain demographic structure.

Answer: Demographic structure describes the age distribution of a population or variations in proportions of the population in different age groups from year to year. 

Question 5

Name the items variables included in the demographic structure.

Answer: The variables included in the demographic structure are as follows:

  • Population size
  • Density
  • Age structure
  • Birth rate
  • Death Rate

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