Sandeep Garg Microeconomics Class 11: Chapter 10 Main Market Forms

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Sandeep Garg Solutions Class 11 – Chapter 10 – Part A – Microeconomics

Question 1

What is Market?

Ans: Market refers to the whole region where buyers and sellers of a commodity are in contact with each other to effect the purchase and sale of the commodity.

Question 2

What are the forms of market structure?


forms of market structure

Question 3

What are the features of Perfect Competition?

Ans: Features of Perfect Competition are:

  • A large number of buyers and sellers
  • Homogeneous product
  • Freedom of exit and entry
  • Absence of selling costs
  • Absence of transportation costs

Question 4

Define a Monopoly.

Ans: Monopoly refers to a market situation where there is a single seller selling a product which has no close substitutes.

Question 5

What is Monopolistic Competition?

Ans: Monopolistic Competition refers to a market competition in which there are a large number of firms which sell closely related but differentiated products.

Question 6

Define Oligopoly.

Ans: Oligopoly refers to a market situation in which there are a few firms selling homogeneous or differentiated products.

Question 7

What are the features of Oligopoly?

Ans: The primary features of Oligopoly are explained as follows:

  • Few firms
  • Interdependence
  • Non-price competition
  • Nature of the product
  • Role of selling costs
  • Group Behaviour

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