Fluorine Gas Formula

Fluorine is a chemical element with an atomic number 9 and is denoted by F. While Fluorine gas is an elemental form of the element fluorine at standard temperature and pressure. The fluorine gas formula is F2. Fluorine gas doesn’t exist freely in nature due to its high reactivity. In this article, let us learn more about the fluorine gas formula, its chemical structure, properties and uses.

Fluorine Gas Properties

Properties of Fluorine Gas
Name Fluorine Gas
Appearance Pale yellow gas
Chemical Formula F2
Melting Point −219.67°C
Boiling Point −188.11 °C
Density 1.696 g/L
Molar Weight 37.996806 g/mol
Distinguishing Factor Pale yellow gas with a pungent odour

Fluorine Gas Chemical Structure

Fluorine Gas Chemical Structure

Fluorine Gas Uses

  • Used in the plasma etching process of semiconductor manufacturing
  • Used in the flat panel display production
  • Used in the microelectromechanical systems fabrication

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