DPI Full Form

What is the full form of DPI?

The full form of DPI is Dots Per Inch. It is a measurement of a video or print image’s density, i.e., the amount of dots that can be positioned in a line within 1 inch or 2.54 cm of width. Technically, it implies dots per inch of a printer.

In computers, DPI represents a measure of the sharpness of the touchscreen display. In printing, it corresponds to an indicator of the printed image’s effectiveness on the paper or the resolution of the printer, representing the amount of ink dots that can be mounted in one square inch by a printer. The more dots per centimetre, the better the resolution.

  • To determine the quality of digital picture printing and show the printer’s quality, DPI is commonly used.
  • Details about an image’s resolution are given by the number of various colour dots that can fall into a one-inch frame.
  • Thus, in dots per inch, the resolution of the printer or scanner is determined.
  • A printer with a resolution of 400, for instance, means that it has 400 dots up a row and also down a row.
  • The gap among dots will be less if the dots are much more per inch. Therefore colour droplets may effectively be combined to create high-quality images.
  • To shape a picture, the dots printed by a printer must be close sufficient.
  • The closer they are, the sharper the image is, so if you want to print sharp and clear pictures, the DPI should be significant.


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