LOC Full Form

What Is the Full Form of LOC?

The full form of LOC is Line of Control. The LOC is the military command line between the parts of the former princely state of Jammu & Kashmir administered by India & Pakistan. For both India and Pakistan, the Line of Control is not a legally recognised international boundary, but a de facto border.

  • LOC is a 740 km long boundary or line of military control that divides the border between India and Pakistan in the region of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The line is often protected with strongly pointed wire coils, a kind of fence placed by the Indian army in place.
  • The line is protected by Indian army control posts on the Indian side of the LOC and by Pakistani control posts on the Pakistani side of the LOC.
  • It was originally identified as the Cease-fire Line, but it was redesignated as the ‘Line of Control’ following the Simla Agreement that was signed on 3 July 1972.


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