NTG Full Form

What Is the Full Form of the NTG?

The full form of NTG is the Nitroglycerin. It is a yellow liquid chemical that, for demolition reasons, is being used as a vasodilator and as dynamite in medication. It is used as a vasodilator to treat multiple heart problems, such as angina or chest pain, as well as heart failure. It is provided in the form of pills, sprays & patches. It belongs to the category of drugs identified as nitrates.

How does NTG Medication Work?

  • When enough blood does not pass to the heart, NGT allows dilating the blood vessels to increase blood supply to the heart.
  • To increase blood flow, it dilates the coronary arteries in the heart. It decreases chest pain, and pressure on the heart as the fluid begins to flow naturally.
  • Fast-acting forms and long-acting forms of Nitroglycerin are available. Tablets & sprays compose the rapid-acting types.
  • These types are used to alleviate angina, but before activities such as playing, exercising, walking uphills and so on. that can cause angina.
  • Under the tongue, the tablet is held or can be placed between the cheek & gum.
  • The spray is sprayed under the tongue or onto it.
  • To avoid the risks of angina, long-acting ways are used.
  • For unexpected signs of angina, they are not appropriate.
  • These types are available in a variety of pills, tablets, and skin ointments.

Sides Effect of NTG

Some common side effects of NTGs are

  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness


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