Graph Formula

After knowing the basic method for graphing straight lines like plotting some points or draw a line. The straight line equation is also called a slope-intercept form and it makes graphing easier.

If there are two points (a1, b1) and (a2, b2), The slope intercept formula for the straight line going through these given points will be

m = (b2 – b1) / (a2-a1)

There are two important things that can help you graph an equation, slope and y-intercept.

What is the slope?

We usually think of the slope when we go to any mountainous area. We call it hitting the slope when a snowboarders skews. On the graph, the steepness of a line is called the slope. It is the ratio of the change of y-value to the x-value. Using any two given points, you can find the slope using the above formula.

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Practise This Question

Match List–I with List–II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists

     List I    List IIA. A.The amount of energy accumulation in1. Gross primary plants through the process ofphotosynthesisB. The total organic matter synthesized by2. Primary productivitythe producers in the process of photosynthesis per unit time and area.C. Rate of storage of organic matter3. Secondary productivityin plant tissues in excess of the respiratoryutilization during the measurement periodD. Rate of energy storage at consumer level4. Net primary productivity