Hydroiodic Acid Formula

Hydroiodic Acid formula, also known as Hydrogen iodide formula is explained in this article. It is the aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide. When hydrogen iodide gas is dissolved in water Hydroiodic Acid is obtained. In its anhydrous form is a molecule made up of a hydrogen atom and an iodine atom. The chemical or molecular formula of Hydroiodic Acid is HI.

It is a colourless liquid, with an acrid odour. which is odourless and has a cooling, saline pungent taste. Commercially it can be prepared by the reacting iodine with hydrazine which gives hydrogen iodide and nitrogen gas.

Hydroiodic Acid Formula Structure

Hydroiodic Acid Formula

Properties Of Hydroiodic Acid Formula

Chemical formula of Hydroiodic Acid HI
Molecular weight of Hydroiodic Acid 127.91 g/mol
Density of Hydroiodic Acid 1,700 g/cm3
Boiling point of Hydroiodic Acid 127 °C
Flashpoint Non-flammable

It is a strong reactive acid and should be used with great care. It reacts violently with metal powders to produce explosions. It reacts strongly with bases and is highly corrosive. When this compound is heated it decomposes to generate toxic fumes, further rapidly gets oxidized in air.

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