Nickel Acetate Formula

Nickel acetate is a moderately water-soluble chemical compound with a chemical formula Ni(CH3CO2)2. This compound can be obtained by treating nickel carbonate with acetic acid. The nickel acetate crystals have been seen to adopt an octahedral structure with nickel at the centre coordinated by four water molecule and two acetate ligands. In this short piece of article, learn more about the nickel acetate formula, its chemical structure along with its properties and uses.

Properties of Nickel Acetate

Nickel Acetate Properties


Nickel Acetate


Green Solid

Chemical Formula


Melting Point

Decomposes when heated

Molecular Weight

248.841 g/mol


1.78 g/cm3

Solubility in Water


Nickel Acetate Chemical Structure

Nickel Acetate Formula

Nickel Acetate Uses

  • Used as a mordant in the textile industry
  • Used in anodizing applications

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