Pyrophosphoric Acid Formula

Pyrophosphoric Acid Chemical Formula

Pyrophosphate is the conjugate base of Pyrophosphoric Acid and is corrosive as well as toxic in nature. Pyrophosphoric Acid is a medium strong inorganic hygroscopic by nature and is a colorless as well as odorless chemical. Anions, salts, and esters of pyrophosphoric acid are called pyrophosphates. Let us know the chemical properties of Pyrophosphoric Acid.

Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight

177.973 g/mol

Chemical Names

Diphosphoric acid, Pyrophosphoric acid

2466-09-3 Phosphonooxyphosphonic acid

acide diphosphorique

Solubility in water


Melting Point

71.5 °C

Pyrophosphoric Acid Structural Formula

Pyrophosphoric Acid has been invented by Mr. Clarke of Glasgow in the year 1827. Pyrophosphoric Acid is an acyclic phosphorus acid anhydride obtained by condensation of two molecules of phosphoric acid. The structural formula of Pyrophosphoric Acid is as shown in the figure below.

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