Regular Hexagon Formula

It is a six-sided polygon which is different from irregular hexagon as its all six edges and angles are equal. So, it consists of 6 symmetrical lines and rotational symmetry with order – 6.

Area Of Regular Hexagon Formula

We can calculate the area of a hexagon using hexagon formula based on how have you divide the hexagon. For example, you can divide it into 6 equilateral triangles, two triangles, and one rectangle.

Let’s discuss it method ways:

Method 1: If we divide it into 6 parts:

Area of an equilateral triangle = sqrt(¾) x L x L

Area of hexagon = 6 x sqrt(¾) x L x L = 3 X (sqrt 3/2) X L X L

Method 2: If we divide it into 2 part – 2 isosceles triangles and one rectangle :

Area of an isosceles triangle = 1/4th of the rectangle ( i.e l * h)

Area of hexagon = (3/2) X h X L

Where l is the length of each side of the hexagon and h is height (in lying position on one base of it).

Surface area of Regular Hexagon Formula Questions


Q 1: Calculate the area of a regular hexagon whose side is 7 cm.


Area of a hexagon equation is A = (3sqrt 3 )/2 X l2

Here, side l = 7 cm

Put the value L = 7cm.

Area = 3 X 1.732/2 X 7 X 7

= 2.598 X 49

=127.302 cm2

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